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I will develop mobile applications in Flutter. In the basic plan we can create simple static applications for you. And in the silver package we can create dynamic apps like tools, calculations and so on. In the gold package we can build a full app with API and Firebase.

39 reviews about this service


adonovan 4
Marshall Islands

Can't understand why Raoul never went into custom website development.

lyricd 5

Very professional - Highly recommended.

mdixon 4
Northern Mariana Islands

Very good experience.

alger6449 5

Very thorough work. Thanks!

h_pennington 5
Turks and Caicos Islands

Raoul was one of the best all round web designers my agency ever employed.

tre6045 4
Marshall Islands

He has gone above and beyond to help us and develop a custom website for us when we were struggling to get new franchises.

frank8119 4
Virgin Islands

And he was an inspiration to many in custom website development, as well as others who knew him.

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Basic Standard Enterprise
$ 344.00 $ 688.00 $ 1032.00
Simple 2-3 Screen Static App Simple 2-3 Screen Static App Simple 2-3 Screen Static App
66 Days 33 Days 11 Days
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14 Days Money Back Guarantee