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Hello Mr,
I make sprite sheets with characters for your android games and beyond for any reason you want.
I expect from you:
-A screenshot of your personality in great lighting, try to show all the subtleties you need including for example hairstyle, face, weapon, etc. You are allowed to submit more than one picture!
Warcraft characters, so to speak
-A Battle Web Gun connects to the person. (If using this option, please make sure you are wearing the correct protective layer set!)
- In the unlikely event that an alternative shield set or weapon is sought, a link to the set on Jaslenehead will suffice (or the name of the set will suffice, please determine the shade, every once in a while a similar set will have different tones).
- If you want a pet, mount, or companion with your drawing, if it's not too much trouble, incorporate an image interface or a decent representation. They cost an additional $15 per pet.
Please note: This image is for individual use only; Any duplication for resale is refused. Thank you very much!

49 reviews about this service


leanne7207 4
Cocos (Keeling) Islands

Love to work with you!

letties 4

100% Satisfied

zaire_7420 4
United Kingdom

His service about game development was always on queue.

sonia6200 5

She doesn't really need my recommendation because anyone in the game development world knows about him.

estiewh 4

I am pleased with the game development.

walls9642 4
Saint Pierre and Miquelon

fair price and high quality

lelia_7375 5

Good quality and quick delivery. Thanks!

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Headshot character portrait

Headshot character portrait

Headshot character portrait

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