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Service description

I will create an excellent and efficient website using ERD and related models and query design that suits your specific needs and requirements.
Services that are provided are:
- Relational models
- Almedialization
- Database design
- UML diagram
- Writing complex SQL queries
- Almediaugging of existing databases

70 reviews about this service


russell 4

His database analysis are always thorough and insightful.

conardh 5

Excelent work! Im very pleased with the fast delivery :)

delilah6599 5

Outstanding experience

cobb8302 5

Quarter after quarter she was always at or near the top of the database analysis ranking.

exa_7932 5
Christmas Island

I always found her database analyzer and trying to do the right thing.

grimes_8203 4
San Marino

She often went out of her way to guide me and analyze database for me.

debat 4
San Marino

highly recommended

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